How to choose tea?
To begin with, you should pay attention to the appearance of dry tea leaves. High quality tea consists of exclusively unopened buds and tender young leaves of the tea bush harvested from the uppermost part of the branches. The higher the variety of tea, the less broken tea leaves must be seen. The perfect high-quality tea has a smooth and solid color.

Low-grade tea contains a lot of broken coarse leaves and short stems of the tea bush. The dry leaves have different size and color, there are darker tea leaves, rotting before drying, as well as older leaves characterized by livid grey color.
How to make sure that tea is of high quality?
To check the quality of your tea at home, you can can conduct a simple experiment. If natural tea is put in the cold water, it will not be brewed after a long time. The water will remain transparent or slightly change color.

If tea is brewed in the cold water, it is 100% the use of coloring in its composition. This tea is not only a fake one but it is also a health hazard.

Also you can check the quality of the natural tea leaves by using milk adding it to the cup of brewed tea. A beverage which is made from the high quality tea leaves will be painted in pink or orange. If poor-quality raw materials were used in tea preparation, then it will have a dirty beige color.
What type of tea is the most delicious?
When people talk about «tea types», what do you think they really mean?

Everybody knows that tea is a plant, the tea bush. Plants of different varieties, according to the botany, have different decorative or physiological characteristics. For instance, two varieties of peonies or tomatoes can have different appearance, different color and shape of petals, size, and taste of the fruit, etc. Most of people still think that green and black types of tea are made from different plants. Actually, there is only one type of tea plant — Camellia sinensis — and a lot of varieties. Type of tea (green, black, yellow, etc.) depends on the processing of tea leaves.
How is the refund made?
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How are the exchange and return of goods of inadequate quality made?
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What are the differences between Kenyan tea and Indian tea?
The strongest tea in the world is Kenyan. Tea plantations in Kenya appeared only about a century ago that is why the cultivation is quite different from Chinese or Indian which affects the taste characteristics of Kenyan tea. Favorable weather conditions, proximity to the equator, tropical mountainous terrain and soil particles of volcanic origin have an impact on the high productivity of these plantations and the taste of tea has its own characteristics.

Kenyan tea is characterized by extraordinary rich flavor, strength and tender aroma. While brewing it has a dark amber color but the transparency of the beverage is not affected.

It goes well with lemon, sugar, milk and cream, as these supplements weaken the astringency and bitterness in taste. Light bitterness gives Kenyan tea its special charm but you can get rid of it by proper brewing. Some varieties of tea are recommended to drink with spices.